WinPE Initialization failed with error code 0x80220014

I came across this issue during a deployment for a customer:

Windows PE initialization failed with error code 0x80220014.

The fix is well documented here.

Essentially, the PE wims included in ADK 10 1511 require a fixed schema.dat file. So you have to mount the wims in DISM and replace the existing schema.dat files with the ones provided in the hotfix download.

Or you could update to ADK 10 1607.

WinPE Initialization failed with error code 0x80220014

Offline Image Servicing – Windows 10 Image shows Windows 8 updates

I’ve had a bit of time recently to work on my  ConfigMgr lab environment and one of the tasks I had on my list was to look into offline image servicing. This functionality allows you to inject updates into your reference image on a scheduled basis, straight from the console.

However, when I tried to schedule servicing for my Windows 10 1511 images, it only showed me Windows 8 updates. After a lot of digging I discovered that in my image properties it was displaying my image version number as 6.2.10240.16384. You can see this by selecting your image and in the bottom pane, viewing your OS Version:


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Offline Image Servicing – Windows 10 Image shows Windows 8 updates

Windows 10 Dark Theme

I’m one of those techies who likes to customise every application I use with pretty icons and colours. And like alot of my peers, I love dark themes. So I thought I would share how you can do this for you your Windows 10 apps

In build 1607 or “Anniversary Update”, its really simple, you can enable it in Settings > Personalization > Colors and you can chose either a Light or Dark “App Mode”.

Pre 1607, there are two registry entries you can make to add the same dark mode:

Key: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Themes\Personalize
ValueType: DWORD(32Bit)
ValueName: AppsUseLightTheme
ValueData: 0

Add the same DWORD under HKCU, then logout and back in and you’ve got Windows Dark theme.

Windows 10 Dark Theme