Life – Update

It seems I am terrible at following up on my ideas. I fully intended to start the new year well by keeping up with the blog, exams and personal projects… However, life has a terrible habit of getting in my way… Stupid life… (Definitely not my fault for being lazy.)

I cant complain too hard though, things have been pretty awesome. The new job is going really well and I’m so pleased I decided to grow a pair and make the move. My experience with System Center and PowerShell have immediately come to good use and I am in the process of automating a lot of stuff, which is fantastic and exactly what I wanted to do more of. On top of that, I’m being exposed to components of infrastructure that I’ve never really had the chance to, which is really exciting. The future looks really good right now 🙂

Aside from that stuff, my work/life balance is so much better and I’m loving spending a lot more time with my family, plus I’m not exhausted on weekends… That is when the whole family is not crippled with colds! I’m sure colds weren’t this much of a thing when I was younger.

Now that winter is out the way, I’m hoping the sunny weather will bring that new years feeling I was looking forward to. I’ve finished my latest project on driver imports, which I will write about next and I’ve resumed my revision on cloud (Azure right now) and Linux. While revising, I’ll blog my progress and share any resources I come across in case any one wants to follow my chosen certification path. I’ve also grown fond of audio books, going through the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes right now and have signed up for a trial day at a gym close to work. Am I getting old and sensible?? :/

As an aside, I’ve gotten alot nerdier (Yep, its possible). I’ve been playing a game called Dwarf Fortress now that I’ve ditched the comfort of Windows and most game compatibility. If you’ve never heard of Dwarf Fortress, its essentially a Fortress management game without modern graphics. I started playing a while ago but was put off by the lack of graphics, but I find myself much more able to now use the detailed text gameplay and am addicted! I predict it will further ruin my productivity! Below is a cap of my current game, my setup is pretty sucky because I suck still.


Anyhoooo…. I’ll be back with more soon… I promise… I will.. definitely.

Life – Update

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