Windows 10 1607 CBB hits WUFB


Most companies I’ve helped on their Windows 10 journey, adopted the OS after 1511 and almost all of them chose Current Branch for Business (CBB). So the news today that CBB is now released to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Windows Update for Business (WUFB) is pretty exciting. Exciting? Maybe… Interesting? Check it out on the Windows for IT Pros blog – here, for slightly more info.

The release to CBB was actually in Novemeber last year, but Microsoft waited a little while to release it to their update streams. Although its now released, theres no reason to panic just yet. Yes, you should really start planning to deploy 1607, but you’re good for a little while as long as you are using WSUS or SCCM. The way this works is that Microsoft will maintain two builds of Windows 10 CBB at the same time. So until the release of 1607 to CBB, 1507 and 1511 were valid and then after 1607 is released to VLSC, you have 60 days grace period to get up to 1511 or 1607. I’ve included the below image to try and visually explain it:


Of course if you arent using update management, once the upgrade is evaluated by wuagent, it will be deployed like any other update, so now’s the time to be warning your users. If you are using WSUS or SCCM, it will appear in your available updates and sit there until you approve it. Like any other update…

So if you are using 1511 and update management you have until the release of the next build to CBB, plus 60 days and because a build only goes CBB 8 months after public release, you have ages! But as I said, you should really…. really be planning and testing, now.

If you are on 1507…. you have 60 days to get up to date. Comment below if you have any questions.

Windows 10 1607 CBB hits WUFB

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