New year… New start

So, the holiday period was good… Catching up with family and eating far too much :P. It flew by far too quickly, which is always the case.

In other news, I’ve decided to move on from my current employer and have taken a role for a leading van hire company. I’ve worked at my current employer for pretty much all of my full time career, so the move is a scary one. At the same time, it’s exciting, and I think, a good move for my personal life as well as my career. The job is as an “Infrastructure Specialist” working primarily on in-house projects. My current job being in consultancy, taking an in-house role is a particularly exciting change for me. The reason being, in consultancy, although it can be nice to meet a variety of companies and deal with the variety of many implementations, I’m looking forward to being heavily involved with a company and their journey with IT.

So I won’t have continuous access to my System Center lab anymore and will need to rebuild elsewhere. For now, I’ve shifted my focus to a new PowerShell tool to make life easier with SCCM. I’m pretty excited about this one as it’s more complex than my last tool, however being more complex, it’s taking me a bit more time to write. Having said that… when I get my lab sorted again, I will continue the lab deployment with VMM series. At some point I really want to learn more Python/Django and I’ve started to use linux alot more so I might mix things up a bit this year.

Anyway, I’ll aim to post next week whether the tool is finished or not, so follow/subscribe for more excitingness!

New year… New start

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