SCCM 1610 released to CB

The last few releases for SCCM have added small minor changes and feature updates, which have been okay but not too major. Microsoft released SCCM 1610 to Current Branch on Friday, 9/12/16 and it looks really exciting. Most significantly from my point of view they seemed to have focused on visualisation in the SCCM console with a new Software Update dashboard. They’ve also brought in an Office 365 client dashboard too to extend Office 365 support.

They have made some small but important changes to the user facing experience, enhancing both the Software Center and notifications.

A lot of these changes have come from listening to User Voice, which is really fantastic to see. Microsoft is working a lot more with the community and giving them what they want in their products :).

I’ll definitely be upgrading my environment next week and exploring some of these new features. Take a look at the other stuff mentioned on their Whats New page. On a side note.. I really do love this new approach to documentation, its so much nicer.

SCCM 1610 released to CB

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